Have a great summer break!

In New Zealand we are fortunate in that Christmas marks the beginning of our summer break. I say we are fortunate because, as a counsellor, I see many people for whom Christmas is not a happy occasion for various reasons, but summer for most of us is a time to take a break, get out, get in the water and have a bit of fun.

Once again it is going to be a different time, as we face various changes in the way we holiday and celebrate due to covid. We might use this time to reflect on what was important but can’t be at the moment (being with family) and develop new ways, new traditions. An example might be playing an online game together, doing quizzes or something of that nature to share an experience when you are miles apart.

However you decide you are going to “do” summer this year, I hope it is a good one and refreshes you for the challenges and opportunities ahead

Ngā mihi