steve_goreHere’s a bit about my history, what areas I work in, and what happens in counselling.

I’ve been counselling since 2016, and have a MCouns in counselling and a B.Soc.Sci in psychology…plus a Certificate in Design (photography), a post grad Certificate in Business & Admin (public relations), and a Certificate in Money Management.  I am a full member of the NZAC.  I am registered to see ACC clients in the ISSC program, and employees through OCP, Vitae and Instep EAP programs.

I’m married with two adult children.  We have a small lifestylish block that takes up too much of our time but I make sure I get time to mountain bike and (occasionally) paddle board with friends.

I’ve been a teacher, professional photographer and website developer but many of the years before studying counselling I spent as a full time father and am passionate about parenting (but make no claims to being any good at it myself).

I work with a large range of problems.  Please note that I don’t work with children but I can recommend Julie Ryle

Stress and Anxiety


Trauma such as sexual/physical assault, accidents or horrifying experiences.

Work based problems, such as bullying, stress, relationship problems, drugs/alcohol (but not addiction).

Intimate relationship problems including abuse, fighting, stale relationship, affairs, sexual issues, alcohol/drugs.

Family problems – communicating with, “difficult”  or struggling teenagers and children

Personal problems – trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety, stress, sense of worthless or failure.

This is an incomplete list.  Everyone’s problems are unique and to give them standardised labels can mean that problems get to hide because, “it’s not quite…”

Essentially – if something is in the way of your life, if you are having difficulties in an important relationship, if you are carrying something unresolved from the past, if you are finding yourself stuck in situations and want to figure out how to live life on your terms, and understand why you react in certain ways and would like to figure out how to things can be different…come and see me.

What  happens in counselling?

I read somewhere that counselling starts when you book the first appointment, and I agree.  At that moment you have decided to give up pretending or hoping that everything is all right and decided to do something about it.  Many people come in nervous about what will happen I can say unequivocally that every one leaves wondering what they were nervous about… counselling is honouring, respectful and can be great fun.

Counselling is a conversation with the purpose of creating change in your life. Essentially we both become investigative partners in your life. You bring a lifetime of memories and learnings about the world and I bring a bunch of weird questions.  Counselling is where you can put down the sack of crap you’ve been carrying, open it up and, together, we look at what’s inside.  There might be hurts, traumas, and things you are ashamed of or regret.  We explore those stories and in our exploration, might find things about yourself you hadn’t noticed, or different perspectives you hadn’t seen before.

When couples come to see me we do three things in no particular order. We figure out what’s come between you, moment by moment, and identify unhelpful patterns.  We figure out better ways of talking through differences so both partners get what they want, and we look at what is required for a fantastic relationship.

To do all this, my counselling room is a place that is free of judgement, where you will feel respected and listened to…as one client said, “its the only place in the world I feel safe.”