Kia ora and welcome

steve_goreKia ora and welcome to my website.  I’m a Tauranga based counsellor.  I see men, women and couples for all manner of problems.  Maybe you will see something here that gets us together and, together we can sort things out.

I predominately use post-structuralist and narrative theories in my counselling….that probably doesn’t mean a lot!  Narrative therapy views your life as “stories” and explores meanings you have carried from  life events.  It sits on the notion that…”the person is never the problem, the problem is the problem.”  Often we can view an event through a different lens and people can leave meanings such as, “I’m worthless”, behind.  You and I become researchers in your life, looking for deeply held, unhelpful views and ideas, and we unpack those and put them to rest.  Post structuralism is a powerful way of looking at things that opens things up new possibilities.  We live in a “structuralist” world that encourages us to think in binary ways…things are either right or wrong.  This thinking is fine if you are building a new aircraft, or doing brain surgery but less helpful when you are negotiating the nuances of relationships, where culture, gender and history all come to bear.

Counselling is a “isolated” relationship.  This means  that our relationship in this room is insulated throughIMG_2677 confidentiality from the rest of your life and the people in it.  Because of this it becomes a space for your to reveal anything, safe in the knowledge that it stays with the counsellor (there are a few exceptions to this…see booking page for these).  Hopefully this will allow you to, fairly quickly get to the bottom of what is  going on.

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You can book a session by text/calling 022 5478 323 or clicking this link to book online.

If you are experiencing a crisis please check out my resources page for places that can help.

Ngā mihinui / wam regards