Kia ora and welcome

steve_goreKia ora and welcome to Steve Gore Counselling.  I’m a counsellor offering counselling and therapy in Tauranga.  I see men, women, & teens for all manner of problems.  I use post-structuralist and narrative theories in my counselling – to find out more, check out my blogs.

Please note:  due to loading I am NOT taking on couples at this time.  

You can book a session by calling 07 578 0959 or clicking this link.  Please initially book in 3 sessions on consecutive weeks.  Currently there is a high demand for counselling services and it is unhelpful to see you and then not have a space to see you again for a month or so.  Unwanted appointments can always be cancelled.

I’m really looking forward to developing this site with resources and ideas that might be helpful but, I have to say, nothing beats working through problems with someone who has the skills and, most importantly, is not part of your life.

Ngā mihi