You can contact me by phone or text on 022 547 8323 or email on I will return messages as soon as I am able.

My rates (gst inc) are $135 for an individual and $160 for a couple for each hour long session.

Please read the following prior to following the booking link (at the bottom) for your first booking to ensure you are comfortable with working with me. If you have already read it, you can book here.

I sincerely hope you have a good experience with me and our work together resolves the issues you want to address. At our first session I will ask you to sign the bottom of an electronic copy to acknowledge your agreement and understanding.   I won’t release your notes without your signature so, for your safety and privacy, I need a copy of your signature to refer back to.

Counselling is an isolated relationship.  As I am not part of your life I hope that you may quickly be able to share things that you might find difficult to share with others who are part of your ongoing life. 

Covid policy:  Please wear a mask when entering and passing through the open areas of the building.  The building that I work from operates a risk averse covid policy, and prefers that all visitors to the building are vaccinated.  If you are unvaccinated please contact me for an exemption.  This will be granted as long as you are adhering to the government mandates and your living situation is low risk.  If you are participating in high risk activities (such as attending “backyard restaurants”) then you will need to see a counsellor via video link and I don’t work this way.  Please email, text or phone to reschedule if you or anyone in your household becomes sick within 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Confidentiality: Counsellors are obliged to keep what they hear confidential with 3 exceptions.  (1) If a counsellor hears that someone is in imminent danger we may break confidentiality to attend to that.  (2) Judges can legally call counsellors or request their notes.  (3) All counsellors have a supervisor who acts as a mentor as well as ensures the counsellor is fit to practice.  I see mine every fortnight and if I need a sounding board on your issues, they are it!

How many sessions? Counselling takes as long as it takes.  For some, a single session might be all they need…but I have clients I have been seeing for several years. Outside of our sessions I will respond to communications about moving or cancelling appointments but please note I am not “on call”.  You are welcome to email thoughts to me and we will address these within our session times.  If you find yourself in a crisis, there are links and phone numbers to support on my website. If you are coming through a funded program there may be a cap on session numbers. Please check with your provider.

Cancellation policy : You will get an email reminder 48 hours ahead of your appointment and a txt 24 hours ahead:  I am happy for you to cancel or reschedule appointments up to 24hours in advance (preferably 48 hrs), but if you need to cancel within 24 hours, or fail to attend I will charge an $80 cancellation fee.  If you are coming under a funded program that session will count as one of your allocations.

I hope this answers some of the questions you may have.  I look forward to working with you.

You can book your own appointment through this link.

I recommend you initially book in 3 consecutive weekly appointments, as time slots fill fast. Unwanted appointments can easily be cancelled at no cost. If you can’t find a time that suits, you can add yourself to the waiting list (even if you have made an appointment) and you will be contacted if I have a cancellation.

I work Monday – Thursday, with the first appointment at 8.30 and last at 3.30.