Several professions in the health sector require practitioners to seek regular supervision…although what that is is often undefined.

Supervision is as varied as counselling, so finding a supervisor that you can connect with is important.

I bring narrative approaches to my supervision, which involves exploring the life of the practitioner inside and outside of work .  Our exploration of work will be a curious examination of conversations and events that didn’t go so well and an examination of good work, and why it went well.  This focus is about being more considered and reflexive in the good work, so the good work predominates.

We keep an eye on ethical problems and try to nip them in the bud, and pull them apart to explore options, predict outcomes and decide actions that will achieve the outcomes the practitioner is looking for, both in the immediate and long term future.

We explore life and relationships outside of work, as they affect work, so we keep an eye on health, sleep, stress and recreation.

If you are a practitioner looking for a supervisor, I offer a first session free trial, to see if I am the right one for you.  Supervision is a long term relationship so it’s important that we are right for each other.

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